"So, uh, this is kinda awkward." Getty Images

In the process of adding Miguel Cabrera to an already beastly line-up, the Tigers squeezed out Brandon Inge, one of their best players. As Mag Contributor Laura Downhour reports, it's not easy being Brandon right now. But it is impressive.

He may have lost his everyday gig at third base, but word has spread around the MLB about the off-field feats of Tigers' trade target Brandon Inge. Indians star Grady Sizemore says he's heard that 5' 11" Inge can hit a golf ball 400 yards, kick a 50-yard field goal and dunk a basketball.
The tall tales are fact if you ask Inge's teammates. Infielder Ryan Raburn was there for Inge's field goal. Pitcher Justin Verlander has seen Inge dunk and "hit a golf ball about five yards farther than me which is pretty far."
Tigers OF Curtis Granderson says Inge can throw a left-handed curveball right-handed and DH Gary Sheffield calls Inge one of those guys who can "show up to the park without stretching and can do magician-type things on the field." In summation, according to Dontrelle Willis: "Inge can pretty much do anything."
Inge doesn't get carried away with all the buzz. "It's one of those things where you don't want to be like 'Yah. I can do all that stuff,' he says. "I'm not like that at all."
Detroit pitcher Jeremy Bonderman says Inge is "one of the most athletic third basemen I've ever played with. He can play center field every day for a lot of clubs. Right now they're moving him around; but you'll see him playing somewhere everyday if not here."