Brett makes Stu's top five. Getty Images

Justin P. [Elkhorn, Wis.]
Yo, Stu, I'm 17 years old. Brett Favre has been the only Packers quarterback I've known. Where do you think he ranks among the best?
Stuart: When you consider passing ability, leadership and toughness, I definitely put Brett in the top five—with Marino, Elway, Montana, Johnny U and Steve Young. I know, that's six—don't quibble. And, by the way, I don't put Brady or Peyton in there yet only because they're still playing.

Leonard [Wilkes-Barre, Pa.]
C'mon, Stuart, Brett Favre was an above-average but overrated QB. Bart Starr was a great QB who doesn't get the credit he deserves. In my opinion, Starr's 9–1 in the postseason (before there were wild-card games) beats Favre's 12–10 every time.
I believe Starr was a great QB too, but I don't think he was better than Brett. His postseason numbers are nice, but Brett leads overall in TD passes and games won, and his consecutive-starts mark is absurd and, for a team, incredibly important.

Stephen [Tampa, Fla.]
Enough about Favre! Warren Sapp is leaving and he's a Hall of Famer too. Share the love, Stu!
I got plenty of love for Warren Sapp. Me and the big fellow go way back. I used to cover him when he was an All-America honorable mention TE and All-State linebacker at Apopka High, near Orlando. Big, funny, friendly guy. Hasn't changed a bit. I think he'll be in Canton with Brett in five years.

Keith [New Jersey]
Tyler Hansbrough's jersey is joining MJ's and James Worthy's in the UNC rafters. Will he make as big a splash in the NBA?
Depends on what your idea of splash is. Will he score 23 per over his career? I doubt it. Is he going to make some GM ridiculously happy with a motor that doesn't stop running? Absolutely. I see him as a Rodman type, minus the off-court distractions. Hansbrough is a bundle of energy who will come off the bench to grab 10 boards a game every night.

Brad [Chappaqua, N.Y.]
Hi Stuart! You've told us about the sports you've loved playing. What games do you like to play?
If you're talking board games, when I was a kid, me and my bro Stephen and our friends Sam and Cecil used to stay up all night playing Risk. Now, I get real serious about Guesstures, and me and my girls love playing Imaginiff.

Art [East Rutherford, N.J.]
What do you think about the idea of outdoor hockey in Yankee Stadium, Stuart? Inspired or sacrilege?
Outdoor hockey is great, I'm all for it. But not at Yankee Stadium. Outdoor hockey should be in a cold, cold, cold place, like Buffalo.