Fitzgerald (left) sporting an ascot of his own. Getty Images

Of the 14,000 people who attended the Hopkins-Calzaghe fight, it seemed about half showed up to club Privé for the afterparty at Planet Hollywood in Vegas.

Ravens OT Jonathan Ogden was there, as was Cardinals wideout Larry Fitzgerald, who strolled in a little after midnight still sporting the blue and white seersucker suit he wore to the fight. Rolling solo and talking on his cell, he gave his opinion of the bout. "I thought it was a good fight," he said. "It was back and forth, but by the calls they made, the judges were not in favor of Bernard."

Inside, the party was a festive scene as jubilant Calzaghe fans were everywhere wearing the Welsh flag as skirts, bowties—even as an ascot—and the Privé go-go dancers were omnipresent in red bras, boy
shorts and fishnet stockings, serving drinks and dancing in overhead cubbyholes. Calzaghe's father hung out in the VIP section, and later, it was rumored that the champ was downstairs waiting on one of the card tables.

Hopkins was nowhere to be found, nor was the IBC light heavyweight title holder and presumptive next Calzaghe opponent, Roy Jones, who'd weighed in earlier with his take on the fight. "I really thought it was a draw," he said. "But Calzaghe pushed the issue and made the fight, so I could see why they gave it to him. I could fight both of them, it wouldn't matter to me. Of course, I never fought Calzaghe, so I do want to fight somebody I've never beat before."