It is amazing how the story gets so distorted. It actually goes like this …

I got kicked in the face first in a ruck and ended up spitting out various parts of 3 broken teeth. Secondly i got knocked out cold by Jean Pierre Garuet. He flew into a ruck and hit me in the right side of the forehead. I am not quite sure whether this happened after the groin or before, as i was in lala land from then on.The third incident, I was setting up a ball in a tackle zone and I beleive Daniel Dubroca tried to kick the ball out of my hands, catching me in the groin. It bloody well hurt at the time, so i just chucked the old proverbial Jesus water down the shorts to make it feel better. That didn't do alot, so we just played on. I went off the field with 20 minutes to go not really knowing where i was, let alone what day it was. As history shows, we lost the game, and it was not until i got changed that i realized that my scrotum had been torn, and that the testicle was hanging a good 4 or 5 inches out of the scrotum. It was all put back into place and stitched up nicely.

It's just another small injury that many of us get due to the rigors of our lovely game, rugby.