"I'm cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs ... and to a lesser extent, Shreveport." Getty Images

Louisiana became a state on this day (way back in 1812). Among the fifty states, it has one of the proudest professional athlete production rates around—and we're not even talking about last year's LSU Tigers squad. Check out a Clip Reel of Louisiana greatness.

Karl Malone is from Summerfield.
Remember the tie he rocked at his NBA Draft? Ha!
A Man Show parody of Malone.
Legendary Grambling coach Eddie Robinson is from Baton Rouge (this feature is narrated by Keith Jackson, which makes it even cooler.)
There's an Eddie Robinson Museum.
And he understood the importance of the band.
Mel Ott is from Gretna.
Terry Bradshaw is from Shreveport.
Bradshaw (read: Caliendo) on Jay Leno.
Bradshaw singing "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry."
Bob Petit is from Baton Rouge.
And frankly, he was pretty darn good.
Elvin Hayes is from Rayville.
Lou Brock is from Colliston.
How did the Cubs let that dude get away?
Billy Cannon is from Baton Rouge and could be the most legendary LSU player ever.
He's in the College Football Hall of Fame now.
Robert Parish is from Shreveport.
Here's the Chief discussing the original Boston Big Three.
Willis Reed is from Bernice. Guess they teach you how to come back for Game 7 there.
Joe Dumars is from Natchitoches.
Ever wonder what Michael Jordan felt about Joe Dumars? Here's the answer!
Ron Guidry is from Lafayette.
Um, we're this far down the list and we haven't mentioned The Manning Brothers, who are from New Orleans.
More on Peyton.
More on Eli.
Vida Blue is from Mansfield.
Marshall Faulk is from New Orleans.
Doug Williams is from Zachary.
No better place to end than with Albert Belle, who's from Shreveport.