Oh, Bango. You're so nutty and generally unpredictable! Getty Images

Back in the early summer of 1994, we wrote a letter to the Milwaukee Bucks front office (that's literally how it was addressed), encouraging them to take Glenn Robinson No. 1 overall. [Ed's note: This type of logic is everywhere in the halls of ESPN.] Lee Rose, then the VP of Player Personnel, wrote us back! He thanked us for our letter! He sent us a media guide! Since then, we've kind of loved the Bucks. Call us crazy, but this could be a big year coming up for them: in a weak East, they now have the steady Richard Jefferson, the super leaping Joe "Vanilla Sky" Alexander (best nickname ever), and more SFs than you can shake a stick at. Ah, Milwaukee! We celebrate your ascension via Clip Reel.

Scott Skiles should be a good fit as coach.
The dude was a bulldog at Michigan State.
He's a pretty good motivator too.
We kind of question Kelvin Sampson as an assistant, but OK.
Richard Jefferson is the man.
Just look at this jam.
Joe Alexander is on board now.
The dude is really good.
Look at this dunk over Stanley Robinson.
His pre-draft workout was insane.
The team still has Michael Redd.
The guy once hit eight three-balls in a quarter.
Some people think Luc Mbah A Moute could be the new Bruce Bowen.
He's pretty good, actually.
Charlie Villanueva can also ball.
Here's some video of him exclusively dominating people as a Buck.
Ramon Sessions had 24 assists in a game last year.
Desmond Mason can do some things with the ball.
Bogut's a bust right now, but he was a No. 1 pick and he could put it all together.
Favre's gone, so Wisconsin sports needs something!
Take the team back to its 1971 heyday!
Some fan remixed the "Where Amazing Happens" video with only Bucks footage, and it's awesome.
In 2001, they made the Eastern Finals. We think they could get back - in about three to four years.
It's all about Royal Ivey, in reality.
We're kidding; it's all about the fact that Mo Williams has his own TV show.
Naw, in reality it's about Bango.
Here's a huge collection of Bucks-related videos.