What the heck does he have to do with anything? Read on. Getty Images

Check out Rick Reilly's new column, in which someone thought he was Mitch Albom and another individual thought he was Rick…Rhoden. We decided to take a look at a few other celebrity/athlete separated at birth situations (even though Rick Reilly looks nothing like Rick Rhoden, honestly) via Clip Reel. Click through; some are amazing.

Worth repeating: occasional ESPN contributor Bob Glauber and Indiana coach Tom Crean.
Pre-ESPYs Steve Nash and Margot Kidder.
Shemp and Hideki.
Will Smith and Robert Horry.
Wilson the volleyball from Cast Away
and Don King.
Blue Jackets coach Ken Hitchcock and Captain Kangaroo.
Actor Vincent Schiavalli and Jeff Van Gundy.
Gary Bettman and Count Von Count.
Interesting: Dustin Pedroia and John Clayton?
Jackie Earl Haley as Kelly Leak and Steve Nash.
Ruthie from Real World and Tiger Woods.
Toni Kukoc and Hugh Jackman.
Geoff Jenkins and Brett Favre.
Mike Holmgren and the Caddyshack gopher.
Lawrence Frank and Doogie Howser.
Bill Murray and Phil Jackson.
John Kerry and Pete Carroll.
Braves version of Greg Maddux and Matthew Broderick.
Jeff Fisher and Stephen King.
Randy Johnson and an emu.
Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas and Tayshaun Prince.
That character actor who always plays giants and Adam Morrison.
The father from 7th Heaven and Brian Billick.
Bill Hall and Don Cheadle.
David Ortiz and Esther Rolle.
Kirsten Dunst and David Beckham. (Or Amy Acuff)
Ronaldinho and Elijah Wood.