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True story: sitting at a lake house in Massachusetts this weekend, one of our staffers hears from a friend: "So earlier today, I'm on Wikipedia reading about the Red Sox; 40 minutes later I'm on the page for Taming of the Shrew and I have no idea how I got there!" He adds: "The hyperlinks are addictive." That's the whole point of Six Clicks, a recurring Monday feature on ESPNTheMag.Com. Today, we're starting with newly re-upped Bears return man Devin Hester and seeing where we can end up.

Devin Hester:
Hester's nickname in college (and still): "Anytime," a reference to his penchant for breaking off return scores—and a tribute to his friend and mentor Deion Sanders, whose nickname was (of course) "Prime Time."

Deion Sanders:
A lot of athletes are getting reality TV gigs these days, eh? Prime Time's got one: Deion and Pilar: Prime Time Love. It airs, oddly, on the Oxygen Network.

Oxygen Network:
Had no idea: Oxygen was founded in 1998 by Oprah Winfrey (Chicago synergy alert!), former Nickoldeon exec Geraldine Laybourne, and noted producing team Marcy Carsey and Tom Werner.

Tom Werner:
Biggest hit Werner ever had as a producer, probably? The Cosby Show (hey, if nothing else, it launched Adam Sandler's career!) Biggest hit as a sports owner? He's chairman of the Red Sox and is a big part of their two recent titles. Biggest hit personally? He once dated Katie Couric.

Katie Couric:
Couric's Wiki is pretty intense. Did you know she's dating a triathlete right now, apparently? (Brooks Perlin) Of note: she went to Yorktown HS in Arlington, VA. Know who else did? Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Eric Schmidt:
Interesting: he developed a business model called The 70/20/10 Model.

The 70/20/10 Model:
Basically, to be an effective business: 70 percent of the time should be dedicated to core business tasks, 20 percent should be dedicated to projects related to the core business, and 10 percent should be related to projects unrelated to the core business. Sounds logical and hey, Google seems smart. As for Hester, this seems like a fair breakdown for how to stop him in the open field, eh? Focus 90 percent of your effort on the core business—getting even so much as a hand on him—and 10 percent on unrelated elements (like blocking the other dudes).