"You'll have to speak up. I can't hear you over Cooley's shorts." Mike James

Redskins players Clinton Portis, Jason Campbell, Chris Cooley and Antwaan Randle El spent Monday afternoon shooting slapstick commercials for Easterns Automotive Group, known for their off-beat ads featuring D.C. Athletes, in a warehouse in Vienna, VA. The guys donned various outfits to go with their different roles and chosen aliases: Portis dubbed himself "Predator", Campbell went with "The Maestro", Cooley called himself "The Iceman" and Randle El chose "The Transformer."

While the guys hung out on the set they goofed around and kept everyone entertained with some improv.

"We just flow off each other's personalities," says Campbell of the foursome's rapport. During a locker room "hazing" shot with extras posing as rookies, Portis and Cooley decided to add an unscripted shaving cream fight into the scene, getting a generous helping in Randle El's eyes. "Man that stings!" he wailed, as he tried to towel off.

They kept the laughs coming as they pulled off several other spots, including one featuring Cooley purposely wearing too-small Easterns Motors shorts, one where the guys go on a fake road trip in a mini-van and another where Campbell and Cooley reenact the locker room scene in Top Gun.

Between takes, Cooley talked about the fantasy football league he's got in the works. "I am the commissioner, and Clinton and Jason are in it," he says. But his hopes weren't particularly sky-high going into the season. "You'd think being a real player I'd have an inside track on picking the right players," he said. "But it's embarrassing—I never win."

All fun aside, the guys had real motivation for taking on the Easterns Motors commercials. "The benefit is that we get to drive any car of our choice for free for a whole year," says Campbell, who, like Cooley, was eyeballing a Lamborghini on the lot. "I'd like to get the Lambo, but it's not roomy for someone my size. I'm scared that if I hit a pothole I might bump my head! So I'm going with a Bentley."