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What makes college football so great? Tons of things. It all begins with the student sections, though. Via Clip Reel, we celebrate some of the best (read: wildest). One caveat: of course we're going to miss a few schools; each experience is unique, and we respect that. We tried to be as complete as possible.

Penn State: one look.
Penn State: another look.
It makes you just hope PSU vs. OSU was tomorrow, doesn't it?
Notre Dame.
Wisconsin kids singing Simon and Garfunkel.
Wisconsin student section doing House of Pain.
And Build Me Up Buttercup.
College Gameday weighs in on this topic of best student section circa 2006.
Kansas football (loud).
Iowa Hawkeyes, who haven't even been that good recently.
UGA from one side.
University of South Carolina.
Oregon, as they beat USC.
Texas A&M, Version 1.
Texas A&M, Version 2.
Detailed discussion of the origins of A&M's rowdy student section.
Gameday on the topic.
LSU vs. Florida student section - with a visit from Les Miles! - after last year's game.
UF and the Swamp here.
Here's another one from the Swamp: that win over South Carolina two years ago.
Virginia Tech's student section: pretty sweet.
VT during their Enter Sandman tunnel run-out.
Rocky Top in Knoxville.
More Tennessee.
Ohio State student section during a TD.
Another look, during the team entrance.
Felt the need to include this "Script Ohio" moment.
OSU athletic director going into the student section.
Another take of it.
West Virginia.
The Big House (awkward to put WVU and UM next to each other link-wise, eh?)
Perhaps the most underrated student section in America: Michigan State.
Interesting resource.
Also an interesting resource, via our friends at ESPN.Com.
Here's a good list (contains basketball too, but don't hate).
Scout boards on best student section.
Scout boards on the best fans. You know that convo's getting dicey.