Inside MLB Pranks

Ah, the Seattle Mariners middle relief corps. Getty Images

This article originally ran on August 26, 2008. Seeing as how it's now "April Fool's Day," we decided to bring it back. Game on. The Big Papi stuff is legitimately "ROFL-Copter" worthy.

Blaine Boyer, Atlanta Braves
"In the minor leagues in Scranton we convinced one of our players that his hotel room was haunted and a ghost was trying to kill him and he almost moved hotels before we told him. He had his bags packed and he was getting ready to move hotels. It was unbelievable. We were all down eating in the lobby and I got the key from his roommate and went upstairs and rearranged his room. He's kind of OCD-ish and he notices when things are different and he was scared to death. When he was sleeping at night we came running in. That was picture perfect."

Wes Helms, Florida Marlins
"This year in spring training when I was with the Phillies, they told Kyle Kendrick that he got traded to the Japanese league for the hotdog eater. They wrote up an original contract with the general manager and had his jersey made and everything made up in Japanese. They had his agent in on it, the media in on it, his mom in on it. He thought he was traded and the look on his face—I mean you can't—that's something I'll always remember. Everybody held their face for a good 15 minutes."

Henry Blanco, Chicago Cubs
"In spring training our trainer and conditioner had a really old car and all of the players messed it up. They hit it with a bat, they broke all the windows. Then we bought him a new car. He came outside and saw his car and then we told him we got him a new one. The look on his face was funny."

Torii Hunter, Los Angeles Angels
"When I was with the Twins, David Ortiz, 'Big Papi', was with us and Corey Koskie put peanut butter in his underwear. So David got out of the shower and he's talking and laughing. Everybody's talking to him but we knew that peanut butter was in his underwear. Then put his pants on, put his shirt on, put his shoes on, walked out about 10 yards and then felt something funny and started getting upset and screaming at everybody, 'Who put peanut butter in my underwear? What's in my underwear?' He's probably used to mushy stuff."

Kyle McClellan, St. Louis Cardinals
"Most of the pranks are on me being a rookie. I kept the first game ball that I threw and somebody got to the ball and they wrote all over it (later, they switched it out and sent the real ball in.) So I thought they wrote all over my first game ball."

Luis Gonzalez, Florida Marlins
"In Tampa I filled a jelly donut with mustard and we were all waiting for someone to eat that one. One of the clubhouse guys picked it up and ate it. He asked the clubhouse guy to call over to the donut shop because he thought one of the guys had spiked the donut."

Chad Billingsley, Los Angeles Dodgers
"Yesterday Jason (Schmidt) switched his jersey with Clayton Kershaw and he didn't know it and he had to go out before the game and take pictures with fans and stuff. He had Schmidt's jersey on he didn't know it. Schmidt wore his jersey out for the National Anthem and they had it on the jumbo tron. That was funny."

Jason Varitek, Boston Red Sox
"They called us all in to a security meeting about a guy supposedly flashing people in the stadium. In the meeting they started showing us a video and it ended up being some old video of Kevin Millar singing karaoke to some Bruce Springsteen song back when he was in Double-A. He was so scrawny. We never have meetings in the middle of the season. It was pretty funny watching this and we're like, "Who is that?" and then at a certain point everybody starts laughing."

Kevin Youkilis, Boston Red Sox
"Trot Nixon super glued my suitcase one time. I couldn't open it. We were in Texas and he locked my bag and super glued it. I had to get one of the guys to come up there and cut it open. It was a mess. I had to get a whole new bag."

Cory Wade, Los Angeles Dodgers
"In the minors, we had a guy called up in A-ball and they duck taped his locker shut. He walked in there and his locker was completely shut. You couldn't put anything in there. We didn't say anything to him and then we all jumped up and congratulated him."

Ryan Zimmerman, Washington Nationals
"Tony Beasly, our 3rd base coach two years ago, got this brand new car and he was all excited. During the game we had one of the clubhouse kids get his keys and we had the security guy move it. When he came out after the game, he thought his car was stolen. He's a real religious guy and his son came in the next day and said it was the first time he's ever heard his dad cuss."

Eric Byrnes, Arizona Diamondbacks
"Adam Piatt came back to play us in Oakland when I was there and there were some people who wanted to get him back for practical jokes he's played on them. You've heard of people Icy Hot-ing the jockstrap or the underwear, well we did that to his regular underwear and draped his entire suit with the Icy Hot stuff. Halfway to the airport he started profusely sweating and he couldn't figure out why. He later said it was the most miserable plane ride ever."