"I said I'd like to have a baby, not your baby, creep." Getty Images

The Queens of the beach have been busy since Beijing. Misty May-Treanor has been preparing for her role in Dancing with the Stars and she's already teamed with partner Kerri Walsh in three AVP tournaments. But, back on American sand, the dynamic duo has encountered something totally foreign: losing. The gold medallists lost in their first two tournaments since returning from China after winning 112 consecutive matches. We caught up with the pair at the most recent stop in San Francisco, where they took back their throne. The ever-engaging duo discussed babies, who they're voting for and Dancing with the Stars.

MAG: You've both openly discussed wanting to start families after Beijing. Any estimates of how many you'll have by the London Olympics in 2012?

WALSH: Oh really (laughing)? If my dream comes true I would have twins, so we'll say two. Two in four years would be nice. My brother and I are 11 months apart so if we follow my mom's lead than two would be easy.

MAY-TREANOR: Hmm. I don't know. We'd like to have one and then have a break. Then maybe have one more before London?

MAG: So, will it be Mrs. Walsh and Mrs. May-Treanor for the kids?

MAY-TREANOR: No, I'd say Aunt Kerri. Or maybe Aunt Sunshine (Walsh's nickname is 'six feet of sunshine')

WALSH: Oh, yes, Aunt Misty for sure. Maybe she could be Aunt Turtle (May-Treanor's nickname)

MAG: Kerri, after famously losing your wedding band in Beijing, we saw tape on your finger for the next matches. Why no tape today?

WALSH: You know, I haven't been doing it the past two weekends. I think I must have lost weight in Beijing and it was really sweaty and yucky outside. So I'm kind of risking it now. I'm living dangerously without any tape (laughing).

MAG: Any obscure sponsorship offers since Beijing?

MAY-TREANOR: Nothing really. Nothing out of the norm, which is kind of odd I guess. It would be nice to have a laser hair removal sponsorship (laughing). Maybe after Dancing with the Stars.

MAG: You both met with President Bush in Beijing (including the infamous "tap on the backside"). Does that mean McCain can count on your vote?

MAY-TREANOR: Hmm. I don't know. I need to do some investigative work and really read up on what's going on. It was completely not a political conversation. All we did was sports talk. I want to make sure I know all the details before I mark something down in November.

WALSH: I'm definitely a little more on the conservative side and Obama is a little too liberal for me. I probably just lost a lot of volleyball fans there, but what can you do (laughing)?

MAG: Outside of the Olympics what was the most unique thing you saw while in China?

WALSH: People eating scorpions. I had a birthday party and all the guys ordered scorpions, it was almost unbelievable. It was really deep fried, so they said it didn't taste like anything. I guess they survived.

MAG: Misty, we saw you dancing and mimicking the Chinese cheerleaders in Beijing after winning gold. What was that all about?

MAY-TREANOR: Yeah, someone had asked whether I was mocking them and I said, "No, we have our own Beach Girlz (at AVP tournaments) and I get out there and dance with them." But when I tried to dance with cheerleaders in Beijing, they just stood in the corner.

MAG: Any chance you can incorporate that move into a Dancing with the Stars routine?

MAY-TREANOR: Ha, I have a feeling we wouldn't get a lot of votes for that one.

MAG: So, your own AVP Beach Girlz or the cheerleaders in Beijing?

WALSH: The Beach Girlz all the time. They dance and they sing. But I don't want to put down the Beijing cheerleaders because they were wonderful and worked really hard for us.

MAY-TREANOR: I didn't talk to the cheerleaders in Beijing, but I like our Beach Girlz. They're really nice and they actually let me dance with them (laughing).

MAG: Kerri, any advice you'd give to Misty's partner (Maksim Chmerkovskiy) on Dancing with the Stars?

WALSH: You know, no. They're on the same page. They're working hard together. So, no advice from me. She appreciates tough love and that's what he's all about.

MAG: Kerri, could there be any reality television future for you?

WALSH: Oh my gosh. If anything I would say The Apprentice, but I already said no to that. I don't think reality TV is going to be my thing.