"DJ Bedz? Who?" Getty Images

[Ed's note: We're rolling out a 'Fun Facts' on every team in the NBA before the season starts. For more information and to see the other teams profiled, please go here.]

The coolest moment of our life (this doesn't cover much ground) happened during a Denver Nuggets game. Last April, four girls had to stay at our apartment for a birthday party in the area. We had been out doing errands and when they contacted us, we agreed to meet 'em at a bar downstairs from our place. We're sitting there, watching Game 2 of the Nuggets/Lakers and four girls walk in, carrying pillows. Several hug us and one asks for our keys. We hand 'em over and the girls depart. Guy next to us looks over and says: "Wow." We do one of these. Glorious. Are the Nuggets gonna be glorious this year? No idea. They are fun, though. Start here, by the way.

1. Nene is Portuguese for baby. Lesser-known: he started out playing soccer and didn't hoop until he was 14. Like Tim Duncan! Right, only not as good.

2. Linas Kleiza is committed to his dog.

3. This is a rather interesting Q&A with Lala Vazquez. Did you know Melo is a big fan of Law and Order and The Wire? Guess the second one is kind of obvious.

4. Juwan Howard—we had no idea he was on the Nuggets, honestly—was also on an episode of The West Wing called "The Crackpots and These Women." Here's an episode summary for ya.

5. Sonny Weems will dunk the ball on your head.

6. Chris Andersen ("The Birdman") will try to, but not as successfully.

7. K-Mart's girlfriend, the rapper Trinia, has circled back on album titles. Her debut LP in 2000 was Da Baddest B*tch. Her release this year? Still da Baddest. Indeed. Side note: we think Bob Huggins would have a ring if K-Mart hadn't broken his leg that year.

8. DJ Bedz spins at Nuggets games. Find out more about him here. Considering that Melo and Lala were introduced by DJ Clue, who spins for Jay Z, do ya think the Nuggets might be able to trade up at some point?

9. Rocky is now in the Mascot HOF.

10. Does anyone else find it ironic that George Karl now coaches the team that bounced his Supersonics in the first "8-seed-over-1-seed" in NBA history?