"Hey! We are Mavericks too!" Getty Images

[Ed's note: We're rolling out a 'Fun Facts' on every team in the NBA before the season starts. For more information and to see the other teams profiled, please go here.]

We watched Game 1 of the 2006 NBA Finals at a bar in Boston. At the time, we were absolutely convinced the Dallas Mavericks were going to win the entire ball of quesadillas. Sadly for us and the Metroplex, D-Wade decided to channel his inner Michael Jordan and the series ended in six. The next season, an even-better Mavericks team bit it in the first round to the Golden State Warriors in arguably one of the top three NBA playoff series upsets of all-time. Eventually, Avery Johnson got sacked and Dirk is getting a little older. Can this team still make a run? We hope, because without 'em, you got a barely-above .500 Cowboys squad, a Rangers team hoping Nolan Ryan's arm can still get six innings and—OK, the Stars are good. Hey, at least Dallas always has the crackpots in Dealey Plaza. They're fun. So is this smattering of facts.

1. The Mavericks have two mascots. No, not them. Rather, these guys.

2. Rick Carlisle is a talented pianist who's played with friend/musician Bruce Hornsby. He can probably play this, but the real question is can he do 2Pac's rap?

3. The NBA: Where amazing happens.

4. Rookie JaJuan Smith used "A Milli" lyrics to create a pregame chant for the team. They're not bad, but he could use a few tips from this kid.

5. Proving that you don't really need all your digits to play sports, Gerald Green is doing just fine without part of his ring finger.

6. Diddy (P or no P? We can't keep track) designed the Mavs alternate uniforms.

7. Jason Terry, Tommy Lee Jones, Dan Marino, Prince Harry, and Heidi from The Hills all celebrate birthdays on September 15. That's pretty rarefied company. Not.

8. A Mavericks preview, Wizard of Oz-style? Sign us up.

9. You know it's been a rough year for Josh Howard when a website selling a painting of him describes him as "the Dallas Mavericks forward who was recently filmed disrespecting the National Anthem." Yes, that's a pancake on his head.

10. Mark Cuban samba-ing to Nelly? Talk about must-see TV.