In This Issue: Hating Nick Saban

"Trying to love you is like trying to speak Chinese to a dog." Getty Images

In the current issue of ESPN The Magazine (the college basketball preview is the cover), Wright Thompson writes this piece on Alabama head coach Nick Saban. In case you've been spending the last four years of Saturdays at Bed Bath and Beyond with the missus, Saban used to coach the LSU Tigers (won the 2003 BCS Title there, actually) and now coaches Alabama, who happens to be the No. 1 team in the country (cue Anchorman: "That escalated quickly") and is visiting Death Valley on Saturday. Should be fun, if by fun you mean "filled with hate." That is actually what we meant. (If you want to read noted author/Alabama alum Winston Groom tackle the topic of Saban, click here.)

Wright Thompson: Hating Nick Saban