Lil Wayne's Blog: "I do not think Pacman should be in the NFL"

"I'm thinking LeBron and Dwyane Wade could get together and decide to team up and win championships for the next ten years." Getty Images

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody out there who is reading the blog right now. I think I'm going to be in Atlanta for my cousin's birthday, but unfortunately my mother will be in New Orleans, so I won't get to have any of that gumbo she usually makes me on Thanksgiving, which is a sad situation. I'm trying not to think about it. But someone else is cooking for me, and they love me, so that's really all that matters.

First of all, shout out to Rudy82586. I liked your comment in the last blog. Keep doing what you're doing.


That Monday night game was something else this week. I actually wasn't that mad that the Packers lost, because it was to the Saints—and that's my other team right there. But it was frustrating as a fan of both teams to watch both defenses completely suck. The Saints have an incredible offense, but they're gonna have problems if they give up this many points. I'm skeptical about both teams right now. It seems like in general they are both moving in a positive direction, but man, the D is killing me. 51 points? Really?

I knew the Titans were gonna lose at some point, and if anyone was gonna knock 'em out I'm glad it was Brett Favre and the Jets. I'm starting to get a little worried about the Titans, though. Did you see LenDale White's post-game interview? He was talking about how he should have had the ball in his hands, and that's a really bad sign. That's way worse than losing, because you've got guys taking things personally that probably have more to do with the team than the individual. I know the coach said they worked it out after he made those comments, but still. Guys say stuff like that and it has a way of messing things up. LenDale's my boy and he's gonna be alright – and I still plan to go to a game by the end of the year - but I'm a little worried.

A lot of people in the comments of the last blog were asking about my thoughts on the Carolina Panthers. I think Steve Smith is an unstopabble force who can't be guarded or chased. Other than that, the division is just too hard for them to do much.

Other people in the comments were all over me for saying Mwelde Moore is the only guy who ever came out of Tulane and did something, because what about Matt Forte? Well, of course. But Forte had a bigger coming out party, and people knew who he was. I just meant that Mwelde is a guy that not everyone knew a lot about. I didn't really know about him until I'm watching highlights one day and they mention this dude on the screen is from Tulane. I was like what? Are you serious? Matt Forte is cool, but Mwelde gets a special kind of credit because he wasn't really a sure-thing.

We got a lot of Philly people who read this blog, and I know you're all caught up in the Donovan McNabb vs. Kevin Kolb thing. I know you guys want Donovan out, but let's get serious. Kevin Kolb is not ready. He is just not developed enough as a quarterback to step in right now, and you do not want that. Now, of course, if I was in charge of the Eagles, I'd move on from McNabb after this season. I'd go in a different direction. And if I were Donovan, I would be looking to move on. I think he has more in him. I don't think he's anywhere near done. He hasn't had the personnel around him to really do anything at all lately, so put him with a group of guys who can make plays in another city and let's see what he can do. I was watching him talk to the media the other day and he was really sarcastic. When someone is sarcastic, that is always an interesting moment, because either they don't care at all or they care too much. I think this is really affecting him, and hopefully he plays out the rest of his games and gets a fresh start somewhere else next year like Brett Favre.

At this point in the season, it's getting a little easier to tell who will be in the Super Bowl. If you're looking at the NFC, you've got to be thinking the Giants will be right there, not just because they're playing so good, but because they're also the defending champs. In the AFC, it's more of a toss-up. I'm looking at the Jets, the Titans or the Patriots right now. Matt Cassel has been amazing, and the dude hasn't started a football game since high school, because he was backing up Matt Leinart and Carson Palmer the entire time he was at USC. Tell me what Matt Leinart and Carson Palmer are doing right now. You cannot count the Patriots out. That would be a mistake.


I don't think the Pacman Jones situation is sad at all. I do not think Pacman Jones should be in the NFL. If I was the commissioner, I'd kick him out. They keep giving him chances and he keeps messing up. You got guys like Hines Ward out there getting fined for making plays on the field on one hand, and then on the other hand you got guys in situations where people are getting shot. Come on. You have to be smart about the company you keep. I should know. But sometimes it's not just friends—it's family members who are into bad stuff who bring you down. And how can you get rid of family? You can't. That's why I think, in his situation, there is no way he's turning it around. I mean, come on. He's a grown man. They don't give these huge contracts to kids. His main job is to stay out of trouble and he can't do that, so I'd kick him out of the league.


LeBron James might as well go out with a Knicks jersey on at this point. What's happening is so unfair to the Cleveland fans. All they hear about is LeBron and the Knicks. It seems like a rough, rough time to be a Cleveland fan right now. LeBron's got a tough decision. If I was the man LeBron is, I'd go ahead and make that move. LeBron is bigger than life, and Cleveland can't hold him. He needs to be exactly what the world wants him to be, which is the biggest star on the biggest stage. Everybody is thinking it might be LeBron and Chris Bosh for the Knicks, but I'm thinking LeBron and Dwyane Wade could get together and decide to team up and win championships for the next ten years. If that happens, we'll all just have to sit back and watch. Even though the Knicks are making moves, you can't count out the Nets. I've been telling people to watch out because Jay-Z might cut LeBron a personal check to come play in Jersey. You can't rule out friendship.


I was watching Manchester United play soccer against Villareal yesterday and man, Cristiano Ronaldo gets picked on a lot. But he stood up to them yesterday, and I respect that. My favorite player is Ronaldinho, though. He makes the game look effortless. He makes it possible for a person who doesn't know the game to instantly know it just by watching him. A lot of Americans don't really watch soccer, which is a shame, because it's really exciting and once you get into it it's pretty easy to stay with it.

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