Lil Wayne's Blog: "My closer song? Closing Time by Semisonic."

"The Browns pulled out some of his dreads in the pile." Getty Images

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It's been a pretty crazy week for me because my tour is starting up on Sunday and I've got a lot to do before then. In honor of Jimmy V Week—and because I find him so inspirational—I went out and got "Laugh Think Cry" tattooed above my right knee. It's pretty big so I guess you can say it's on my right thigh. In that last speech he gave that's what he says you should do if you want to have a full day, and that's a really smart thing and I wanted to celebrate him by getting the tattoo.

I'm also planning to get "Cannot touch my mind/Cannot touch my heart/Cannot touch my soul" on my back. I've got a big tattoo of the state of Louisiana that's not filled in, so I'll probably get it in there. Oh, and I'm gonna get also gonna get the famous Vince Lombardi quote about "Life's three important things are family, religion, and the Green Bay Packers" tattooed somewhere. I got a body suit of tattoos so I always find space. Shout out to my tattoo guy, Duel, for always doing a great job.


These baseball meetings have been very interesting because of the effect the economy is having on teams not wanting to give guys five and six year deals. I think agents are working on securing their players' future, but if it was me I'd live in the moment, take a short deal now, and then hope to re-sign in two or three years when the economy is better. I mean, there's a chance the economy won't get better, but I don't like to live my life thinking negatively like that.

I'm a big fan of the Mets signing K-Rod. That was a smart move for them because they've got all the talent in the world but they've lacked that killer instinct to push them over the top.

I personally love closers. As you guys know I'm a big fan of the Red Sox and so I love Jonathan Pappelbon. There's something about when a closer runs outta that bullpen to his song and puts the other team to bed that night. I like the mentality of one guy being your ninth inning guy as opposed to the closer-by-committee approach for different situations. Sometimes I think about what it would be like to be a closer, to come in and just end this game. That would be a dream for me, 'cause I'm a big emotion guy and I'd love to have that responsibility to my team and my city.

I've thought about it, and my song would be "Closing Time" by that group Semisonic. You know the one: Closing Tiiiiiiiime. Except I'd just have that loop over and over again "Closing Tiiiiiiime, Closing Tiiiiiiiime" while I came in from the bullpen. And I wouldn't run to the mound; I'd walk just to soak it all in. And for the away games it wouldn't matter that I didn't get to hear my song because I'd hear all the fans booing me and that would be enough to get me going.

I know I've told you before I'd use "Purple Rain" by Prince when I went to hit because it puts me a certain mood, and I think it puts everyone in a certain mood like where they just feel good and relaxed. And then BAM I'd hit it out and put them to sleep.


I went to the Heat game on Monday night to check out my man DJ Augustin, who is from New Orleans. Dwyane Wade was amazing and I also met Pat Riley. I was sitting courtside and he came walking by and wished me luck playing at the arena on Sunday, so that was cool. He was just passing by and I was watching the game so we didn't get to talk much, but I appreciated that. It's always cool to meet players and coaches you watched when you were growing up, and I get nervous sometimes. It's a lot different than meeting guys you watch as an adult.

As a kid growing up in the early 90s, of course I was a Bulls fan because it was all about MJ. I also really liked Scottie Pippen, and I was always terrified of the Pistons because they were good and they were bad. Last year on my tour I met Rick Mahorn and Bill Lambeer 'cause we were staying in the same hotel. They were there with their WNBA team the Detroit Shock and they were funny. That was right around the time they had just acquired Ivory Latta, and she came in to the lobby and saw me and started screaming, "Oh, s—t! I love you!" She was screaming, man. I told her I loved her game and to keep doing her thing. I'm not sure if it even registered that I knew her well from TV: she was just so shocked to see me.

I do watch a lot of college basketball, and I really need to address something in the blog before I move on. Steph Curry, you are amazing. Did you see how he gets those text messages from his mom before the games with an inspirational quote and then he goes and writes it on his tennis shoes? I love that so much.

He wasn't looked at heavy coming out of high school 'cause of his little body. The ACC schools thought he would get pushed around, so they passed him over. Now he is the ultimate underdog running circles around everybody, and I love him so much for that. I think he needs to stay another year to work on his body, but he's going to be fine in the NBA because he actually has a shot, and that's really all you need. Tuesday night West Virginia was posting him up every chance they got, but he still fought his way through it. And did you see that game where they double-teamed him the entire time like he was T.O. and his team still won by 30? I didn't get it. I was not with that coach's thinking. But it just shows you what kind of man Steph is because even though he didn't score a point his expression never changed. He never got frustrated. That just show's you who he is.


The AFC is a real mystery right now. You kind of know what's going to happen with the NFC, but the AFC is all messed up this year. I'm probably the only person out there who thought the Chiefs were gonna be playoff contenders, and Cincinnati would be good, too.

The Giants should be on everyone's list to beat right now. Don't look now but they're slightly better than last year. And with Plaxico, I mean, they won all the games he missed earlier this season anyway. I don't see the Plaxico incident having any kind of effect on them.

The whole Plaxico thing kind was crazy because immediately afterward everyone was talking about the legal implications and what are the Giants going to do with him now, and no one stopped and said, My God, this guy just shot himself. Is he okay? Was it stupid? Of course. I mean, I accidentally shot myself when I was twelve and that's a scary lesson to learn. But before you go yelling at him and talking about his punishment for being so stupid it's like, Guy, is your leg okay? I was amazed no one was asking that question. The guy just shot himself in the leg!

Shout out to Dwayne Bowe and LenDale White again for hollering at me this week. Also, to Chris Johnson. We talked last week and he told me something very interesting: the Browns pulled out five of his dreads when he was at the bottom of the pile! They should be ashamed of themselves for that. I know how hard it is to pull out a dread, so you know that was part of their scheme. On the whiteboard in that locker room was "Pull out his dreads." That was their game plan. There's just no other explanation. The only time I've ever done it is when I was on stage and I was really excited and I tried to take my chains off and I didn't do it properly so I ended up ripping one of my dreads out but it didn't hurt because of all the adrenaline. Being on stage is my version of being in a game. There was another time one of my dreads got pulled out but that was an entirely different situation not suitable for espnthemag.com

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