Lil Wayne's Mailbag: "Kobe or Michael as a pure scorer? Kobe."

"He's gonna dunk it on you right in front of your mom and your kids." Getty Images

Interested in getting Lil Wayne to answer one of your sports questions? Hit up the mailbag.

Rick from West Virginia: What is the NFL going to do if the Cowboys don't make the playoffs?

Well, Rick, the NFL is going to have to move on because America's team ain't making the playoffs. Worse things have happened. January is still going to be great with or without the Cowboys.

Jerry from Scranton: Now they are saying Steinbrenner is looking to sign Manny Ramirez. What would you do if that happened?

I heard that ugly rumor the Yankees were gonna make a run at Manny, but that was only if they didn't get CC. Now that they got CC I don't think it's gonna happen. But it's hard to rule anything out because we all know how crazy Steinbrenner is. If they got Manny I would be very sad. I would pick a really good song to make an anti-Manny reference about it, and then express my unhappiness on the blog every week. And then I would be mad at him for the rest of my life. I'm hoping it doesn't come to that, but what else are you gonna do?

Terrence from Kansas City: What's up Weezy? Now that the Yanks got CC I was wondering if you would have done that or signed Manny? I know you like Man-Ram but CC is the best out there.

That's a great question. See, with CC, he hasn't really accomplished enough yet for him to totally feel justified in making $160 million dollars or whatever it is, so he'll be out there busting his a** trying to live up to that money. Manny just feels like he's due. He's expecting to be paid that amount. And even though he's a great hitter, I would have signed CC, too, because of the drive.

Jeff from Houston: Hey Wayne. Do you think Michael Vick will ever play in the league again? What's gonna happen if he comes back? It seems like a crazy situation all around.

Hey Jeff. Michael Vick will play again in the NFL because you can't not give him another chance after all the other people you've given chances to over the years. As for what will happen, I don't know. There's a cool chance he might not play quarterback. A team could use him as a receiver and put him in there to run reverses or something like that. I don't know where he's gonna end up, but I feel like despite everything that's happened he's got a soft spot for Atlanta so I look for him in a Falcons uniform first. After that, who knows?

Sally from St. Louis: What's up Weezy? My question is if you could own any team what would it be? Good luck on your tour.

Sally, the Los Angeles Lakers, of course! Every game is an event played out in front of movie stars. And since you called me Weezy that would mean that I'd still be me, so I'd be able to connect with these people to keep taking myself to bigger and better places. Also, two words: Laker Girls.

Marlon in Baton Rouge: Yo Weezy F. Baby, what's good? I'm just curious if you were playing sports what number would you be?

17. New Orleans is separated by wards, and I'm from the 17th ward so that's why I'd pick that number. When I was playing football growing up I wore number 2. I had no brothers and sisters and I wanted to be a bad kid hanging out in the neighborhood, so I quit football. I didn't want to go to practice. My mother knew what I was up to and she was so mad at me and made me go back. She said, "You will get your a** back out there. You are not going to ever quit nothing." After I went back I had to take #9 'cause #2 was gone. And then after that whenever I missed practice the coach would call my mom and she'd be all over me.

Peter in Fresno: Wayne who do you think was a better scorer in his prime, Kobe or Michael?

Kobe. I'm going solely based on style points here, because both of those guys can pretty much score whenever they feel like it. Jordan hit you in the face but Kobe hits you right in the mouth. It's different. Jordan would take the layup sometimes, but Kobe's not going to do that. He's gonna dunk it on you right in front of your mom and your kids.

Michael in Chicago: What is your favorite thing to eat at a ballgame?

That is another great question. I always try to have some nachos, Michael. The nachos in New Orleans are so amazing I have literally missed the game because of 'em. But I don't eat jalapenos or anything too crazy like that because it's not good when you have to use the bathroom later. Also, I'm not sure if it was just because it was me or if the food across the whole stadium is this good, but shout out to the Rays for having the most amazing food at that playoff game I went to. That was more than just nachos, and I appreciate it. Shout out to you guys.

Jackson from Portland, OR: Weezy you talk a lot about adrenaline moments and I was wondering which would be greater for you: hitting the game winning home run in Game 7 of the World Series or the game-winning jumpshot in Game 7 of the NBA Finals?

Oooh, man. I'd have to say the game-winning home run because as much as I do love basketball, baseball is still America's game. If you win the World Series like that you will be remembered forever.