Clip Reel: Rudy Fernandez

Don't let him catch you slippin. Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

Rudy Fernandez is having a helluva rookie year. The 24th pick in last year's draft is averaging around 11 a game, but he only plays 25 minutes. When he's on the court you can pretty much assume there will be a backdoor alley oop thrown down over some unsuspecting victim. Now, this week, he's been voted into the Dunk Contest as the fan's pick. We'd though we'd give you a history (via video) of some of his filthiest moments so far.

Rudy packs the Portland airport upon his arrival in the States.
Rudy's very first NBA alley oop.
The accent that won him a spot in the dunk contest (along with his dunks).
Fernandez posterizes Dwight Howard, who he'll face in the Dunk Contest.
Smooth move over Yao Ming.
Fernandez tears up the Heat for 25 (is that track a remix of the Knight Rider music?).
Rudy does his thing on the Hornets.
The alley oop-tip is invented.
A move they called the spinnin dagger: "A straight, stone-cold killer."
What the fe—He can pass too?
Some other big time dunks.
Spanish league highlights. Rudy and The Clash? Who knew.
He can rap better than Kanye
And he plays the guitara, sort of.
What Rudy's alley oops look like from a court side perspective.
The Super Mix.
The guacamole mix.