The NEXT: Celebrity Girlfriend

Gilford and Lancaster. Getty Images

Visit the 2009 NEXT universe.

Neither of the people we're about to reference are actually athletes, so the peanut gallery is gonna e-mail us and say: "This has no place on ESPN!" We're not naive; we realize people who read ESPN digital platforms also watch Friday Night Lights (Bill Simmons talks about it all the time) and might be interested to know that Zach Gilford (aka Matt Saracen) is dating Amber Lancaster, who apparently used to be a cheerleader for the Seattle Seahawks. Here's her MySpace and here's a pic. Second peanut gallery comment: "No one cares! I want to read about where Manny is gonna end up!" So do we, but you know what? Amber Lancaster, on the afternoon of 2009 Signing Day, is the number two hot search on Google, ahead of any reference to ESPNU, Rivals, or even our very own Jelani Jenkins. So, uh, people do care.