Things I Yell at the TV: 2/10/09

"Why is nobody talking about Antrel Rolle!" All he did was lose the Super Bowl for the Cardinals! Rolle, the Cardinals' safety, was on the sideline at the end of the first half when Steelers linebacker James Harrison intercepted Kurt Warner at the goal line and began his unthinkable 100-yard touchdown rumble. That was a 14-point swing for the Steelers and turned the game. But Cards' wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald was close to catching Harrison at the 30 when he ran smack into Rolle, who had stepped onto the field go get a good look at Harrison going past. Fitzgerald slammed into Rolle, pushed him out of the way, had to start over and didn't get to Harrison again until the goal line, when it was too late. Catch him earlier and that could've ended the half, or at least given the Steelers only one shot at the end zone. It was a seven-point mistake for the Cardinals, who lost by only four. Rolle should go down as one of the Super Bowl's grandest goats—along with Jackie Smith (bad hands), Scott Norwood (bad kick) and Eugene Robinson (bad girl). Hey Antrel, your Rolle is to get the hell out of the way!

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