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If they don't call him G-Rey yet, they should start soon. 

[Ed.'s Note: The Action Sports Report is a weekly blog that covers sports from skateboarding to snowboarding to FMX.]

You could say Garrett Reynolds is a typical teenager. He goes to school, cleans his room, hangs out with friends and he won a gold medal in BMX street at the X Games last summer. Most 18-year-olds haven't won X gold, you say? No worries, because Reynolds acts like he hasn't. Just as humble as he is quick with a barspin (or three) the New Jersey native doesn't get caught up in the fuss. When we called the mop-topped BMXer he was, of course, napping. "Too cold to ride outside," he said. In this conversation he lets us in on what it's like to be a BMX hero. Actually, it's pretty chill.

MAG.COM: So what's it like being Toms River's (New Jersey) most well known BMXer?
REYNOLDS: It's pretty normal. On a typical day I just get up, shower, go to school, come home and ride or just hangout with my friends. At school I'm pretty normal. Most kids don't even know about the X Games. I could be sitting in class and people would have no idea.

Is it kind of weird that you make more than some of your teachers?
Yeah, but it's pretty sweet.

Have you made any big purchases?
I bought an Audi A4 so I could drive myself to school and just because I wanted a sick car.

Are you going to the prom?
Yeah, but I don't know who I'm going to ask yet. I'll figure it out. I'm going to do the whole thing and rent a limo and everything. Hell yeah.

How did life change for you when you won the X Games?
Nothing really changed. I still do the same stuff I've always done. I still ride where I always ride and hang out with the same people. It's, like, cool I won the X Games but it's not really a big deal. My mom was stoked though.

You're known for making fun of your mom's inside voice.
Yeah, it's the funniest thing. It's like when someone's talking on a cell phone and can't hear because their phone is really low, and thinks your phone is low too so they have to yell. That's her normal speaking voice. She woke me up this morning for school because I didn't get up when my alarm clock went off and the sound of her voice made me jump. It blew my mind.

Does your mom make you do chores?
I don't have chores but I vacuum my room and keep everything straight. Sometimes you might see me outside cutting the grass.

What kind of training program do you have?
None. I don't train at all. Riding is pretty much my training. But it sucks in the winter because it's too cold outside to ride and since I live in a small town there's just not much to do around here. When it's warm outside a lot of times we drive to downtown Philly to ride, which is only an hour away. I'm not like, 'Aw dude I need to ride everyday.' I just ride when I want to ride. But I am kind of addicted to it.

You're known for your unique style, there's a little 80s rocker thing going on. What's the inspiration?
There's no inspiration really. I just rock a lot of headbands and stuff to keep my hair out of my face when I ride. I hate when my bangs get in the way. If I try to wear a hat it just falls off so I'll take a headband and wrap it pretty tight. My hair is long but it's not quite Shaun White style.

Toms River is known more for little league baseball than BMX. Did you ever give the old baseball diamond a try?
I played baseball, soccer and track but once I started riding I kind of gave all that up. I didn't like coaches always telling me what to do and that's the best thing about BMX, everything is up to you. I really got into it when I saw an X Games vert competition on TV with Jay Miron and Matt Hoffman and I thought it looked like fun.

How's your new video coming along?
It's going pretty good but we haven't filmed for a while because it's been so cold. Nobody wants to be out there and fall in the cold so we're just waiting for the spring. It's called Water Street because that's the main street in Toms River where everyone pretty much hangs out and where we filmed most of it. When I was younger there was really no one to ride with but now we actually have a pretty good scene.