Clip Reel: Candace Parker

Truth. Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

In the new issue of ESPN The Magazine, the cover feature is on Candace Parker. Read it here. While words can be informative (and those certainly are!), we wanted to provide you a few more resources on Ms. Parker, including "vids." Here we go now.

Here are clips from her WNBA debut, which may have been the most impressive in league history.
A video feature endorsing Candace for MVP.
Here's an ESPN feature on her from when she was at UT.
Here's the famed dunk against Army.
Here's a throwdown in a WNBA game.
Another take on that dunk.
You want to see Parker HS highlights? Here you go.
CBS News feature on Candace.
Parker dunking against doods.
Candace as part of a series called "In My Own Words."
Whoever made this video called it "Candace Parker, UR My Hero." What is this, AIM Chat?
The Past and the Future: Candace and Lisa Leslie.
A Candace "webisode."
Candace on Best Damn Sports Show.
Parker singing "Rocky Top."
Can you already call Candace "a legend?"
This mix of Parker highlights is called, simply, "The Greatest."
This ad she did is called "Expect Great."
Here she is getting the Wooden Award.
Here she is going No. 1 in the WNBA Draft.
This video is called "Half-Woman, Half-Amazing."
Oh, this is fun: they wired her for sound at the WNBA Draft.
This is her interview after Tennessee beat Stanford to win it all.
NBA TV interview on, basically, how good she is.
A CP photo shoot.
Fun: Parker on Rome Is Burning.
Does she exceed the hype?
Is she better than Taurasi?
Incredible rip of highlights from her at UT.
Says it all: Candace Parker? Game over.