Semi-Relevant Sidebar: Wolverine and Sports

Speaking of this, how does Ryan Reynolds get cast in every movie? Getty Images

Big movie weekend. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past!!! Naw, we're kidding. (We're not.) The new Wolverine flick comes out, commencing the summer blockbuster scene. We read a New York Post review of it which seemed favorable (three stars) and will likely see it. We wanted to know more about this Hugh Jackman fellow—pretty good Oscar host—so we took to some Internet research and discovered a few tidbits about his sports connections:

(1) he's a longtime fan of the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles, a NRL club; (b) he sung the National Anthem at the '99 NRL Grand Final; (c) he's also a Norwich City F.C. Fan; and (d) in HS, he played rugby, cricket, swam, and was a high jumper. Wow, and he was in Oklahoma! Guy was beating the ladies off with a stick, we'd imagine. Shame that Australia movie was so awful, though. (We blame run time.)