Things I Yell at the TV: 4/29/09

"How arrogant can Josh McDaniels be?"

The Denver Broncos' 33-year-old Boy Blunder boasted this week that his draft board had fewer than 100 names on it, which made it easy for him to make his picks. Less than a hundred names when 256 players were drafted? Most boards had 500-plus names on them! Furthermore, he said the Broncos had worked out nearly 30 players and all 10 of his choices were among those 30. In other words, "I'm not capable of making a mistake. If I didn't work the guy out, the guy wasn't good enough. Period." This is the same genius who traded one of Denver's first-round choices in 2010 to move up in the second round to take a 5'9'' defensive back—Alphonso Smith. To repeat: Boy Blunder used a first to take a second. And if the Broncos are going to be as lame as I think they're going to be—4-12 perhaps—that first-round pick will be very high. McDaniels is the worst combination of things: Terribly naïve and doubly confident. Bronco fans, you're screwed.

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