Musical Representation of Childress/Favre

You ever notice all his songs are about taking time off from what you really do? Think maybe Favre should like, get the hint? Getty Images

Question that reveals more about you than you're willing to admit: if you had to liken Brett Favre to a musical artist, who would you pick and why? For the "down-home charm" plus the period of their greatest success, we'd say Garth Brooks is a totally legitimate choice. (Although, if you remember when Chris Berman said "Rooting for Favre is like rooting for America," you might go with Toby Keith.) Then there's that whole Wranglers ad campaign and how it tries to depict Favre. If you think that's his life, you're going to say Kenny Chesney. (Notice how 2Pac didn't make this discussion? There's a reason.) Bored at work Thursday morning and thinking about this, we realized Chesney's new song "Out Last Night" might be the anthem for Brad Childress and the Vikes' brass right now. "One thing started leading to another…"