Tail of the Tape

Updated: June 22, 2007, 12:05 PM ET

Greeny finally paid off his March Madness bet by milking Sox the cow live in studio during Thursday's show. Missed it? Don't worry. Part 1ESPN Video | Part 2ESPN Video

Greeny prepares for the milking

Sox vs. Greeny
Height 5'5" 5'11 1/2
Weight 1,875 lbs. 175 lbs.
Education OXford Northwestern
Has friends in Livestock The stock market
Milk Precious bodily fluid Lactose intolerant
Favorite team Chicago Bulls NY Jets
Favorite publication Farmer's Almanac GQ
Favorite song "Moooovin' on Up" "Yakety Yak"
Would like to catch Flies Hopefully nothing at all
Favorite saying "Moo" "Golic, you're a moron"
On hoofs/feet: MANicure PETicure
Exercises his/her Calves Calves
Personal dislikes Tipping Tipping
Farm experience Entire life Seen pictures
TV/Movie experience 2 movies; 1 TV show TV/Radio star