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Updated: March 13, 2013, 3:33 PM ET

We're sorry you're experiencing technical difficulties with's audio player. We want our fans to have the best user experience and we'll strive to offer you the best support possible. If you are experiencing issues, try some of these frequently used solutions.

QUESTION : When I launch the Player, nothing starts playing and I can't see any audio controls.
You are most likely using an old version of Flash Player, please follow the link below to update Flash Player and it will solve your problem. Step1: Click Here to Update Flash.

QUESTION : When I launch the Player, I'm only hearing music and commercials not ESPN Radio.
Please keep in mind that we offer a direct simulcast of ESPN Radio's content including all commercial breaks so it's likely you joined in the middle of a commercial break. Please enjoy the wonderful and creative commercials that helped pay for this awesome player until we return to ESPN content.

QUESTION :I open the player and I can see the player controld but I can't hear any audio.
If you've tried upgrading your version of flash and you can't hear audio, you may be running some anti-virus software or popup blocker that is interfering with the connection. Popular ad blockers like Norton 360 and Firefox' AdBlock can cause the streams to be blocked. To avoid this, you'll want to add the url to the stream you're trying to listen to in the safe zone of your browser as well as your ad blocking program.

QUESTION : I want to create a playlist but the option just says asks me to sign-in.
In order to create a playlist you need to register with It's a free service that links your preferences with your ESPN username. To sign up, click "Register" in the login window that pops up.

QUESTION : When I open the player it seems to load fine and I can see the audio controls but I don't hear any audio
We do our best to provide 24/7 audio but there are times when, due to technical reasons, we are unable to offer audio. If you see audio controls this likely means that we're in a blackout period and, though the player is working fine, you may not hear audio. If this happens, try listening to one of our other stations. If you hear audio on one of our other stations then you can feel confident that the issue is on our side and you are encouraged to use the form below to report that outage.

QUESTION : I'm not hearing the game I expected to hear or the one that's airing on my local ESPN affiliate right now.
This is a common issue. ESPN Radio has certain rights to offer content digitally and must blackout content we don't have rights to air. Typically we blackout content by airing other popular ESPN content.

QUESTION : Why do some stations have DVR functionality and others do not?
The new ESPN Audio player offers the ability to rewind audio up to 1 hour without the player being opened. Currently we offer this functionality to the ESPN Network Stream and the following markets: Dallas, New York, Chicago, Boston and Los Angeles and are hopeful to expand this functionality in the near future. Please check back for an expanded list of markets.
QUESTION : Why are some affiliates included in our mobile app/player and not others?
Our ESPN Radio mobile app and Audio player include those affiliates who've chosen to participate in ESPN Radio's digital affiliate program. If your station is not listed here, you're encouraged to reach out to your local affiliate. To find your local affiliate, click here.

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