Darts and deer for Bill Laimbeer

Age: 56

Birthplace: Boston

Siblings: Two younger sisters, Lee and Sue

Twitter handle: N/A

15 things you don't know about Bill Laimbeer:

1. Date night! Laimbeer and his wife of 34 years, Chris, often double with Bill's former teammate Isiah Thomas and his wife, Lynn.

2. Laimbeer played himself in 1991's "Top Gun" parody "Hot Shots!," alongside Charlie Sheen, Cary Elwes and Jon Cryer.

3. In 1994, Laimbeer and his dad, William Sr., co-founded Laimbeer Packaging Corp. The Detroit-area company manufactured corrugated cardboard boxes. (His dad was in the business.) It struggled in the late '90s and ultimately closed in 2002.

4. Breakfast features a minimum of three cups of coffee. Never Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts; always Folgers Colombian from home.

5. After losing Game 7 of the 1988 NBA Finals 108-105, to the Lakers, Laimbeer and Thomas stole a bottle of champagne from the champs and brought it back to their locker room, where they drank it while plotting their comeback.

6. Oh, deer: Both Laimbeer and his wife hunt (she introduced him to the pastime). One deer can feed the couple for at least two months.

7. A little commentary, when asked about his favorite players: "The best by far is LeBron James. Kevin Durant is fun to watch. Kobe Bryant is the smartest." Who reminds him most of a young Laimbeer? "Kevin Love, in some ways. He's not the defender I may have been, but he's much more of an offensive threat than I ever was."

8. The former Detroit Piston stands 6-foot-11. Dad is 6-4 and Mom is 5-11. "But we're all shrinking as we age," he jokes.

9. Newcastle is his beer of choice.

10. He was accused of acting on the court, with his legendary shenanigans and the "Laimbeer Flop." His favorite real actors? Joe Pesci and Jack Nicholson.

11. In 1991, Super Nintendo named a game after him: "Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball," involving a futuristic basketball league with Laimbeer as its commissioner. There are no rules in the game, and players wear armor and can use bombs and blades and other weapons. According to one review: "This game is contact basketball to the max."

12. Let's hope he doesn't quit his day job: He once shot a 14 on the par-5 18th hole at Edgewood Tahoe during an NBC-televised celebrity golf tournament. Multiple shots went into a green-guarding pond, which is now known as Lake Laimbeer.

13. During college, while in London on an overseas tour with his Notre Dame basketball team, he tried his hand at darts in a local pub. He quickly picked the game up and later carried a personalized darts set with him on Pistons road trips.

14. His only serious pregame ritual as coach of the Liberty is a long nap -- two to four hours. He also usually only eats one meal on game days, but it's a doozy: a large omelet, hash browns, toast, bacon, a bagel with cream cheese, grits and lots of coffee.

15. The renowned provocateur has said, "I don't fight. I agitate, then walk away." Apparently his tactic worked: He has been tackled by Scottie Pippen, had his nose broken by Bob Lanier, and has been punched by Robert Parish, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley and more.