8 Pieces Of Running Gear To Help Keep You Seen And Safe

November is National Running Safety Month, so we've rounded up some of the best new options in personal safety products aimed at runners. From high-visibility gear to emergency alert systems, these products are all about keeping you safe on the road.

Bia Multi-Sport Watch

$279; Bia-sport.com

The Bia Sport Watch, designed by women, is lightweight and has an ergonomic design built to sit off-center on your wrist to fit around the wristbone, fixing a common comfort issue many women have with bulkier sport watches. A two-piece unit, the watch comes with a small "Go Stick" that clips onto your waistband and allows the watch itself to be so thin and small. The GPS watch also has a SOS safety alert that will send a text and exact location to your loved ones in an emergency.


$19.95; Endevr.com

This bracelet, designed to be worn comfortably during a workout, contains medical information to assist first responders and medical professionals. Vitals can be accessed via smartphone QR scan, 24/7 call center and online lookup.

New Balance Beacon Jacket and Vest

$175 (jacket), $125 (vest); NewBalance.com

These super-visible pieces make their debut this fall. They're bright and reflective, but the most exciting thing about them is the glow-in-the-dark graphics that require just 10 minutes under direct light to emit a strong and constant glow. With daylight waning as we enter the fall and winter months, these are perfect pieces for early morning and evening runs.

StaySafe App

$6.99; StaySafeApp.com

If you are one to carry your phone when you exercise, you'll want to check out this app. It's a GPS tracker that also serves as a guardian, notifying your emergency contacts if you don't check in at the end of a run. By providing those contacts with an exact location, they can find you and get help if you need it.

Sabre Red The Runner Self Defense Spray

$12.99; SabreRed.com

Designed to be carried via a Velcro hand strap, this spray is made to be easy to carry when exercising outdoors. The canister includes a formula of pepper spray, tear gas and invisible ultraviolet dye that can help authorities identify suspects.

180s Foundation LED Gloves

$55; 180s.com

LED lights on the knuckles of these high-tech gloves help you be seen when you're out after dark. You can also control your touch screen device with every finger while still wearing the gloves, making them a key part of a winter fitness kit.

Road ID App

Free; RoadID.com

The makers of the long-popular safety ID bracelet have a new app. Relying on a smartphone GPS signal, it drops electronic "crumbs" that mark your path and allow anyone you've granted access to check on you. The app will also sound a piercing alarm if you stop moving for more than five minutes (Don't worry: You can shut it off if you're taking a mid-run break).

Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp

$69.95; BlackDiamondEquipment.com

Featuring a LED light with 130 lumens, the headlamp offers a strong, oval beam to show the path ahead. Settings that include full-strength, dimming and strobe give you the ability to adjust your visibility based on the conditions.