What Athletes Eat: Sarah Groff True's Triathlon-Training Snack

We asked triathlete Sarah Groff -- now Sarah True after her wedding last October to pro runner Ben True -- to tell us what she eats on the go while training. Her answer: A tasty Spanish-inspired dish that she can carry with her on a bike.

Day and time: 4 p.m. on a Sunday

Place: Mallorca, Spain, where I'm currently training

What I'm eating: A savory ham-and-egg rice cake. The recipe is inspired by a recipe in "The Feed Zone Cookbook". Since I'm in Spain, I substituted in some local paella rice and jamón serrano. I also incorporated a bit of New England sweetness into the recipe with some Untapped maple syrup from Vermont.

Why I'm eating it: Rice and eggs are easy to digest, and a savory snack is a nice break from the typically sweet energy food. This recipe is great for mid-ride or post-workout fuel and fits nicely in the pocket of a bike jersey.

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