The A-List: 11 Crazy Selection Monday Reactions

Let the madness begin! From light shows to subdued golf claps, here are some celebrations that stood out on Selection Monday.

11. The "Dramatic Lighting"

Florida Gulf Coast even got the lighting crew involved in the celebration. Wait for it ... wait for it ...

10. The "Classy Affair"

Duke would like you to pass the Grey Poupon and a No.4 seed, please.

9. The "Whole Student Section"

It isn't a Selection Monday party at Florida State unless you invite 500 of your closest friends.

Credit Maury Neipris/FSU Sports Information

8. The "Catch Some Air"

Iowa proves it has hops on and off the court.

7. The "Tear Up The Boardroom"

I wish all meetings went like Miami's meetings.

6. The "First, Let Me Take A Selfie"

Mississippi State knows that if there's no selfie, it didn't happen. #NoFilter

5. The "Clean Up On Aisle 7"

Looks like Minnesota went on a Party City shopping spree.

4. The "Mascot Get Down"

You know it's Selection Monday at Tennessee when you AND the mascot drop it like it's hot.

3. The "Body Roll"

Yasssss. I think Maryland has been watching this hilarious Vine too much.

2. The "Golf Clap"

Get emotional much, Louisville?

1. The "House Party"

Ain't no party like an LSU house party. Don't miss the cute baby on the left, too.