5 Things You're Missing In Tampa Bay This Weekend

Sure, this could be you walking into Tourney Town, but reading about it has to be the next best thing, right? D'Arcy Maine/ESPN

Can't make it to Tampa, Florida, this weekend on account of that whole "spending the holiday with family" thing, or has your team been eliminated but you still want to know what it's like in Tampa? We're here to help. Here are five things you're missing out on at Tourney Town outside the Amalie Arena but can now experience, thanks to the glorious invention known as the Internet.

1. Basketball. Duh, right? While it's a no-brainer that fans in attendance will get to watch some incredible action on the hardwood, it turns out they also can hoop it up themselves if they are so inclined. Tourney Town is filled with various basketball courts, complete with shooting stations and drills.

Or, for those looking to get in on the action without breaking any more of a sweat than the 85-degree weather already has caused, there are multiple pop-a-shot machines located throughout the event. Even our own Carolyn Peck got in on the action with former Notre Dame star Devereaux Peters. You'll have to watch the upcoming video to see who won that matchup.

And there's more, at least for the younger set. Thousands of kids of all ages -- including Kentucky coach Matthew Mitchell -- dribbled their way around the riverfront area on Saturday as part of "Bounce the Bay."

2. Battle of the Bands. While the competition on the court is sure to be intense, the pep bands, mascots and cheerleaders got the party started with a full-on battle in front of a huge and spirited crowd.

While all four schools brought it, two emerged to be the early and consistent favorites. The seasoned UConn squad -- including a dancing Husky -- thrilled the largely blue-and-white crowd.

But somehow Maryland and its adorable Terrapin squeaked past. It couldn't possibly have been because the other two schools' fan bases didn't want to see UConn win yet another title or anything.

3. Height chart. Ever wonder how you measure up with some of women's basketball's biggest stars? No, not in the skills department (Spoiler alert: You would lose), but in the more literal sense. A display allows fans to stand next to life-size pictures of 6-8 Brittney Griner, 6-8 Anne Donovan and 5-2 Shannon Bobbitt.

4. Play in the sand. The only downside to being at Tourney Town is that you're not at the beach, despite being so close. However, thanks to two very talented sand sculptors, a little bit of the beach came downtown. It is, without a doubt, definitely more impressive than anything you ever did in the sandbox at school.

5. Softball! Lacrosse! Soccer! Sure, it's kind of a big weekend for basketball, but that doesn't mean the other sports don't get their one shining moment. Thanks to a setup by Capital One, fans can hit, toss and kick to their hearts' content.

BONUS: If earning a national championship title is more your thing, and you have no actual chance of winning one, you can pose with the trophy just as if you went out and scored the game-clinching bucket. NO BIG DEAL OR ANYTHING.