6 Things You Should Know About My Brother, Steph Curry

Sydel Curry, a setter for Elon University's volleyball team, has high hopes for her older brother, Steph Curry, of the Warriors. Courtesy Sydel Curry

On the first day of preseason volleyball practice last year, Sydel Curry dislocated her knee cap. And with that, Elon's promising freshman setter was out for the year, using her redshirt season to rehabilitate her knee.

She returned in 2015 and had a solid season for the D1 Phoenix, and looks to be a key future building block for Elon. She comes from some of the very best sports DNA imaginable -- her dad, Dell, was a longtime NBA pro, and her mom, Sonya, played volleyball at Virginia Tech. Brother Seth played hoops at Duke.

Also, you may have heard of Steph Curry? He's Sydel Curry's older brother. Plays for the Golden State Warriors. He might win the NBA MVP this year.

As the Warriors gear up for a title run, his sister offered a new window into Stephen, as she refers to him.

1. Stephen can be a real goofball.

He is super goofy. Whenever I had friends over as a kid, he was always messing with us or playing little jokes on us, being really silly. Sometimes he'd hide in my closet and make little noises and try to scare us. Remember the movie "Scream?" We used to have a mask and he'd sometimes pop out of nowhere with it on and scare us. I think he was 14 at the time. He hasn't grown out of his goofy side. He's the funniest person I know. I don't see him as much as I used to, but I hear from his wife, Ayesha, about him doing really crazy things. Now that he has a daughter, he'll be just as goofy with her. He'll roll around the floor with her literally like he's 6 years old.

2. There have been, um, some cheating allegations.

Steph, Seth and my dad are super competitive. Seth was always like, 'Mom, Stephen's cheating.' Stephen would respond, like a really innocent kid, 'No I'm not. Seth is lying.' It was pretty funny, because as the older brother, Stephen was super sweet. But Seth was always saying he was cheating, because he hated to lose. So they'd go back and forth about that. Stephen was quiet but super competitive, and he wouldn't get in your face about it -- the same way he is now.

3. One of the "Splash Brothers" loves "The Princess Diaries" (Hint: It's not Klay Thompson).

As kids, we were huge movie fans. Even to this day, we'll hear a song and we're like, "Oh my gosh, what movie?" and we'll go back and forth naming whatever movie or song the line came from. Same with lines from movies. I was a huge fan of "The Princess Diaries" and would watch it literally every day. He'd watch it with me, so he kind of knows the words to that. "A Walk to Remember" is one of my favorites, and we've gone back and forth on Twitter, spitting out lines. People were like, "Oh my gosh, Stephen likes 'A Walk to Remember,'" and I was like, "Nope, it's because of me." He liked really goofy movies, too, like "Major Payne," "The Mask" and "The Master of Disguise." He likes to think that he can sound like the characters from those movies. From "The Master of Disguise," he'll say, "Am I not turtley enough for the turtle club?"

4. He gets pretty excited before games.

Stephen looks calm, but he can get hyped up. A good example of that: In high school, Stephen and his team were in the locker room getting super hyped before a Christmas tournament game, jumping up and down, trying to get into it. The next thing I know, Stephen's in the back getting stitches right before the game starts. He jumped so high that he hit his forehead and busted it open.

5. He loves numbers, and not just his stat line.

Stephen is really, really smart, especially in math. He used to say he wanted to be one of the people from that show "Numb3rs." We always joked about his birthday, March 14, being Pi Day, and he had a phase where he was really into Sudoku.

6. He's the kindest killer on the court.

You'd never know Stephen might be the NBA's MVP. That's the biggest thing I love about him -- he has not changed from when he was 6 years old to now, as a 27-year-old. He has such a kind heart and works hard for everything he has, and continues to work. If I randomly FaceTime him and he doesn't answer, he'll always FaceTime me back. For me, right now being in college and away from all my family, being literally on opposite coasts from him, that's the kind of thing that I value the most from him.