What Athletes Eat: Gwen Jorgensen's Triathlon-Training Power Breakfast

World champion triathlete Gwen Jorgensen has been a dominant force in the sport since she first set foot on the scene in 2010. Now she's considered virtually unbeatable: She's been undefeated in the World Triathlon Series for over a year.

Jorgensen splits her time between Wollongong, Australia, and Vitoria, Spain, and during her intense training, she stays fueled with big, healthy meals like this egg-avocado-toast one:

Day and time: Sunday, May 3, at 8 a.m.

Place: Wollongong, Australia (one of my home bases)

What I'm eating: Smashed avo with eggs and cheese on toast

Whose recipe? Smashed avo is a relatively common Australian breakfast. I smash the avocado with salt and pepper and top the toast with the avocado, cheese and eggs (and sometimes jam). I love how I can top every piece of toast with different creations. I will eat one whole avocado, many slices of toast, cheese (today I used both cheddar and feta) and two poached eggs, plus one or two scrambled eggs as well.

Why I'm eating it: I almost always eat oats for breakfast, but my husband (cyclist Patrick Lemieux) just begs for some variety, so about once a week we have this breakfast. We enjoy front-loading our day with calories, so breakfast and lunch are our biggest meals.

This breakfast includes fat from the avocados and cheese, and protein from the eggs. It also has a good amount of carbohydrates from the bread. We usually have leftover bread, which we top with butter and honey to finish the breakfast -- yum!