The A List: 8 Reasons Why We Love Women's World Cup

Every four years sports fans are treated to one of the most exciting tournaments on Earth. From the international flavor to the enthusiastic fans to the captivating team personalities, here are a few reasons -- on and off the pitch -- why we can't get enough of the Women's World Cup.

8. All In

With the field of competition expanding from 16 in 2011 to 24 in 2015, teams like Cameroon got to experience the Women's World Cup for the first time.

7. Worldwide Impact

Other than the Olympics, no other sporting event gets the entire world cheering in unison.

6. Virtual Fun

When matches are over you can continue the fun with EA Sports' FIFA 16, which included women's soccer teams for the first time. We're still trying to unlock the code to get Mia Hamm on a team.

5. No Age Limits

At age 40 Christie Rampone is the oldest player to appear in a Women's World Cup, making 40 the new fierce.

4. Goal Celebrations

It really doesn't get any better than a selfie celebration.

3. Support Teams

Kudos to NBA point guard Jrue Holiday and NFL tight end Zach Ertz for holding it down for their ladies.

2. Super Fans

There's no such thing as too much face paint when it comes to the Women's World Cup.

1. World-Class Talent

Watching these women play their hearts out almost every night for the ultimate prize makes us want to be better at life.

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