The A List: 7 Reasons To Ban The Term 'Beach Body'

7. The Advertising Pressure Is Just Too Much.

Your subway ride should be about manspreading complaints, not fat shaming your winter mac n cheese habit.

6. There Is No Offseason.

Who builds a body for just one season? This is a year-round lifestyle.

5. The Exclusion Of Treats Is An Injustice.

Keep it real: Nothing's better than a cold ice cream sandwich when your toes are buried in the hot sand. A true beach body diet would include them.

4. It Shouldn't Be So Challenging.

If I see one more "beach body challenge" on my timeline... Let's just get back to cat videos.

3. Some Of Us Take It To The Lake.

Or how about the pool? I don't even like the beach.

2. It Makes You Miss The Good Ol' Days.

When we were young, beach body-ready meant just having a swimsuit and enough sunscreen.

1. It Lacks Common Sense.

Refer back to No. 7: Everybody has a beach body. Duh.