What Athletes Eat: Runner Deena Kastor's Easy Eggs Italia

At age 42, American marathon record holder Deena Kastor has stepped back from elite racing. But "retirement" is hardly in her vocabulary. The three-time Olympian still trains with the Asics Mammoth Track Club in her hometown of Mammoth Lakes, California, and broke the American masters marathon record at the Chicago Marathon in October. (Fun fact: The previous masters record was set at the same race in 2005, the day that Kastor won the race.)

Kastor, who's known for her gourmet cooking, shared her super-fuel breakfast recipe that only looks fancy -- she promises it's easy to whip up!

When: Pre- or post-workout

Place: At home in Mammoth Lakes

What I'm eating: Eggs Italia (Toast or English muffin with poached egg, pesto and heirloom tomatoes)

Whose recipe? I came up with this on my own as a way to fuel up on proteins and carbohydrates before a long run or refuel after a workout. As an athlete, I am always looking for balance in my diet, and this combo is light, but a great mix of carbs, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Why I'm eating it: We eat a lot of eggs in my household -- we get them from a ranch a few miles from home -- and this is a favorite breakfast of mine. The eggs are a perfect and easy protein source, and the carbs offer sustained energy: perfect for fueling up with protein and carbohydrates before a long run or after a workout to help restore and repair damaged muscles.

Basil has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body, so pesto is a great flavor enhancer for an athlete's plate. The tomatoes offer beautiful color plus potassium, vitamin C and lycopene, which makes them like a little multi-vitamin on your eggs.

The recipe:

2 farm fresh eggs
1 English muffin (or two pieces of another favorite bread)
2 heirloom tomatoes, seeded and diced
Pinch of sea salt

Toss tomatoes in salt and set aside. In a saucepan over medium-high heat, bring two inches of water to a boil. One at a time, gently crack eggs over water and let cook for two minutes. Remove and let rest on plate. Repeat with second egg.

Toast English muffin or bread and lay on plate. Slide one egg on top of each side. Drizzle with pesto and top with tomatoes.