Gearing up for the home games

Are you outfitted for the 2013 NFL season? We've got five must-haves for all of the home games on your schedule. AP Photo/Paul Spinelli

Have you decided to steer clear of the traffic jams, pushy crowds, and long lines at the restroom this NFL season? Do you want to completely control the environment -- the food, the seating and the company? Here's our playbook for what you need to kick off the 2013 season.

Keep watch

It's time to punt that outdated TV and suit up with a set that's prime for big-game viewing. For that, you'll want a generous screen without a jaw-dropping price tag. The Sony KDL-60R550A makes the grade. This 60-inch LED HDTV has Sony's Edge LED backlight technology for outstanding contrast and rich colors (the team uniforms and face-painted fans in the stands come to life!). Plus, LEDs are super bright, so watching those afternoon games in rooms with lots of natural light won't be a problem. Banish any blurry streaks with Motionflow XR240, which provides lifelike motion and crisp detail for the most natural movement. Price: $1,499.

Let's hear it for our team

If you want to feel the thud of a tackle and hear the crunch of a sack on the field, a sound bar will deliver the goods -- and it's a quick, easy upgrade for whatever set you're watching on now. Yamaha's YAS-101 is a long, low-profile speaker that can be placed in front of your TV if it's on a stand, or hung underneath your screen if it's on the wall. Packing Air Surround Xtreme technology, this bar has a built-in subwoofer (for that boom in the room) delivering 7.1-channel surround so you feel like you are smack in the middle of the stadium. Price: $225.

Concession stand

You and your friends can't watch a whole game without refreshments. Skip the chips and make a healthy meal in the Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Football Slow Cooker. The 6-quart cooker is perfect for small parties or potlucks, and has high, low and keep-warm settings. The removable stoneware and glass lid go right in the dishwasher for easy cleanup. Price: $34.99.

Fun and games

What to do if there's not a game or if you need to brush up on some basics? Celebrating 25 years is the innovative, iconic Madden NFL 25, and it will help you see the game like a pro. Madden lets you unlock the power and precision of an NFL ball carrier with more than 30 new moves -- this version has huge advancements in the running game. Learn the ins and outs of football from a player, owner or announcer's perspective. Price: $59.95.

Front-row seat

The Yogibo Max beanbag chair is the ultimate viewing vehicle -- it can be a recliner, bed or even a couch that can seat four. It conforms to your body, providing amazing support and comfort for the duration of the game. Weighing just 20 pounds, it can be moved exactly where you need it and it can quickly be benched when you're done. Spilled drink or food? No worries. The cover zips off and can be machine-washed. Choose one of the 14 colors that correspond with your team's uniforms. Price: $229.