Kerri Walsh Jennings: The Good Life

Kerri Walsh Jennings and her new daughter, Scout, have hit the beach in Incline Village, Nev., as well as Gstaad, Switzerland. Courtesy of Kerri Walsh Jennings

I just finished my very first tournament since giving birth to my sweet girl, Scout, in April. We made it a girls' trip, flying to Gstaad, Switzerland -- one of my favorite places in the world -- with my dear friend Roxanne, who came along to babysit.

Gstaad is truly amazing -- what a sight to behold! It lies at the base of the Alps, so it's majestic, and it has always been a spot where I get to appreciate nature's beauty. It's one of those places where you can breathe a little deeper, smile a little brighter and stop for a minute to take it all in because moments like these are hard to come by.

Prior to our departure, I had eight solid weeks of training, and I needed every single day of it! I worked like a crazy woman to get my body back in shape. I really had to make the most of my time before the tournament.

Of course, there was volleyball training -- that was four days a week, two hours each session. There was Pilates, which was two days a week -- you can't beat that full-body workout. And then there was fast-twitch training two days a week -- that's my strength training. We also did plenty of other fun, humbling and diverse fitness sessions on top of my regular routine. That included my beach workout, which was one day a week. We focused on footwork, strength, agility and dynamic movement. Some of my biggest goals are to make my footwork efficient, to strengthen and stabilize my core and to keep my body and my game balanced. My training is geared toward each of those goals.

I like my diverse workout schedule because it keeps my mind and my body refreshed, and it challenges me at the same time -- I never get bored. I LOVE the fact that my job demands that I stay as fit and healthy as possible; it makes me one lucky woman!

During those eight weeks of serious training, I took four flights to the East Coast, one to Vail, Colo., one to the Bay Area and then, finally, one trip to Incline Village, Nev., on the north shore of Lake Tahoe to relax. That was my opportunity to decompress and holy cow did I need it! As I flew off to Switzerland for the tournament, I was escaping all the other work I'd been doing -- it is never dull living my life!

Unfortunately, I left Gstaad with a pretty decent abdominal strain. I have been asked countless times if I regret coming back so soon after my pregnancy. To this I always say, "Heck NO!" I love my job. I am able to work and spend a ton of time with my children and husband. I am fighting for my goals and my dreams, and I am fighting for my family -- to keep up our blessed lifestyle. As a proud athlete and a proud mommy, I adore working hard and meeting my athletic goals while at the same time raising my precious family. It's a wonderful life (which just so happens to be my favorite movie!) -- a life worth working and fighting for.

Aside from all my training, traveling and competing, summertime is in full swing, and I am enjoying it. My favorite things are all around me -- sunny beach volleyball days and BBQs with my family -- so I am having the best times with the best people!

After a few crazy months, I remind myself to do a bit of gratitude training; I take five minutes per day to focus on what I'm most grateful for in my life. Perhaps you can try this exercise when things get crazy. It brings me happiness, positive thinking and a whole lot of perspective. We could all use more time to focus on what we have to be thankful for!