Laila Ali Pulls No Punches, Says She Could Beat Ronda Rousey

After crushing Cat Zingano at UFC 184, many of Ronda Rousey's fans, including Joe Rogan, have started speculating if she could beat male fighters. Even Rousey herself has weighed in on the topic.

And while Cris Cyborg continues to insist she could beat Rousey in the Octagon, another woman has just declared she also has what it takes to top the UFC champ.

While being followed by the TMZ cameras in a parking garage, former boxing world champion Laila Ali was asked if she could beat Rousey. Her response starts diplomatically enough, but she soon claims that "No woman can beat me, period."

Ali, 37, then cites the size difference between the two, ultimately comparing Rousey's stature to that of her 3-year old daughter. OH SNAP.

In case you're curious about the tale of the tape, Laila Ali stands 5-foot-10 and fought at just over 160 pounds. Rousey is 5-7 and fights at 135 pounds.

While this fight has about a .00000000000001 percent chance of happening, we can all just hope that at least the trash talking continues. Your move, Ronda.

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