In A Minute, The Two Greatest Human Catches You'll Ever See

If you're a sports fan -- and I'm guessing if you're on this site you are -- you've seen countless incredible catches over the years. No matter. Be prepared to be totally amazed by the latest "YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!" catch.

During last week's L'International Gymnix competition in Montreal, Italian gymnast Sara Berardinelli struggled during her uneven bars routine -- failing to clear the bar and and falling head-first. Thankfully, her coach showed the quickest reaction time EVER and managed to perfectly catch Berardinelli before she hit the ground.

And if that doesn't sound incredible enough, he somehow managed to do it TWICE. Berardinelli had the same problem during her second attempt and her coach saved the day again. You really should just press play already.

Even the strictest of judges would give this man a perfect score.

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