What Sydney Leroux Does To Her New Husband If He's Snoring

Unless you've been living in an underground tunnel somewhere with no WiFi signal or cell service, you're aware that soccer stars Sydney Leroux and Dom Dwyer were recently married. In fact, if you follow either of them on social media, you probably already know more about their relationship than that of people you -- GASP -- actually know IRL.

And just when you thought you knew everything about their lives, Leroux documented her new husband's annoying sleep habit and maybe her attempt at killing him. So that's a new development.

After having her sleep disturbed by Dwyer's snoring, Leroux did what anyone would do and pinched his nose. It worked ... temporarily. She posted the video of her efforts on Instagram with the caption: "When you try to kill bae."

For those concerned: Dwyer is still very much alive and well. Although he might want to find a way to get his snoring in check ... before it's too late.

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