How Women's World Cup Fever Is Enveloping Canada

Sure, we love our women's soccer team here in the United States, but do we love them enough to give them a postage stamp? Consider this my plea to the United States Postal Service.

While Abby Wambach and Alex Morgan might not appear (yet!) on a stamp, Canada is recognizing two of its national team stars with such an honor. Christine Sinclair and Kadeisha Buchanan -- joined by Japan's Ayumi Kaihori -- will be plastered on envelopes throughout the country starting May 6.

"Canada Post is highlighting these athletes and the most prestigious tournament in women's soccer," Deepak Chopra, president and CEO of Canada Post, said in a statement to FIFA. "At the same time, we are celebrating the incredible advancements that the women's game has made in Canada, on the field and in fan interest."

Both Sinclair and Buchanan seemed pretty thrilled by the honor, and took to social media to share the first images of the stamp.

Cheer up, Abby and Alex. At least you got to go on "American Idol." Maybe that's better than having everyone in the country see your face every time they're angrily mailing a bill.

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