The Greatest Reaction To Making A Cheerleading Squad You'll Ever See

Are you ready to feel all the feels today, because a 10-year-old in Stonewell, Louisiana, is DEFINITELY going to supply them. Meet Lacey Parker, a student with Down syndrome at North DeSoto Middle School who recently tried out for the cheerleading squad.

Lacey made the team, and her mom, Renee, filmed her reaction. Jumping up and down exclaiming, "I made it!" Lacey's response will easily be the cutest 40 seconds of your day.

The video has already been viewed more than 3 million times, and Renee told KSLA she was surprised by the video's popularity, but not her daughter's success.

"Down syndrome is a label, it's not who she is," she said. "She's an amazing little girl who strives to do whatever she wants to do."

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