Dana White Guarantees Rousey-Cyborg Would Draw Record Viewers

As if anyone needed another reason to hope for a Ronda Rousey-Cris Cyborg fight, UFC president Dana White guaranteed the bout would break UFC pay-per-view records if it happened.

During "The Jim Rome Show" on Wednesday, White couldn't hide his enthusiasm for the potential megafight and the hype it would create.

"I don't know [who would win], I think that's why the fight is so exciting. There's no denying that Cyborg's a beast, man. She's tough, and many people believe -- including me -- that Ronda's the best in the world and the best female fighter ever. So it's one of those fights that's very intriguing. And I'll tell you this, Jim, when that fight happens I guarantee you that thing does over 2 million pay-per-view buys. It will be massive."

Did you hear that, America? 2 MILLION PPV BUYS! That would blow away the current UFC record of nearly 1.6 million for UFC 100 featuring Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir. White also said the bout would happen if Cyborg drops to 135 and beats her next Invicta opponent. If her last fight is any indication, that second condition will be a piece of cake.

But, if you still aren't quite convinced the Rousey-Cyborg showdown would be the fight of the decade, please stop everything you're doing and read Cyborg's letter to Rousey on Facebook RIGHT NOW. Calling her a "lonely-unhappy soul" with a "grumpy face," Cyborg claims it's not Rousey's belt she wants, but to break her spirit.

Clearly there is no love lost between these two, but hopefully they can save a little bit of their animosity for the Octagon.

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