Lauren Hill Honored With A Brick And A Word In Indiana Basketball Hall Of Fame

It's been two months since Lauren Hill's death, but her life continues to inspire. Earlier this week, the former Mount St. Joseph University basketball player who accomplished her goal of playing collegiate basketball despite terminal cancer was honored with a brick in the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame.

Shannon Freeman-Frogge, a Utah-based personal trainer with roots in Indiana who donated the brick, told the Indianapolis Star she was motivated by Hill's story and wanted to honor her memory.

While Freeman-Frogge never met Hill, she and her two daughters wrote to her several times and even wrote to others like President Barack Obama and David Letterman asking for them to support Hill's charitable efforts. Freeman-Frogge never heard back from Hill but she "just wanted her to know, I think about her every day."

Now among the 6,000 bricks that help form the shape of a basketball with the state outlined on it, Hill's name is written with a simple inscription under it: HERO.

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