How 12 Elsas Wearing Eye Black Sent A Powerful Message To America

Last fall, Betsy Gregory and a group of fellow moms in Edmond, Oklahoma, were trying to figure out a way to get their young daughters interested in playing softball. But they needed a hook.

It didn't take long for them to find something all the girls had in common -- their love of "Frozen." You know, of course.

And instead of letting their softball dreams go, the moms thought if they called the team "The Freeze" and had Elsa-inspired uniforms, the girls might just want to get involved.

They were right. But it wasn't just the girls who were interested; it now seems that just about everyone on the Internet is as well.

After finishing their first season of T-ball last week, Gregory, who owns a photography studio, gathered the girls to take a team photo. She posted it online, and it almost immediately went viral.

Gregory told Jenni Carlson of The Oklahoman that she was surprised by the attention, but thrilled by the reaction and struck by the message that seems to be resonating with people.

"You're a little girl, and you can do anything," she told Carlson. "Don't let people get in your way. Go for it. Wear an Elsa dress and play softball."

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