Amy Poehler And Seth Meyers Defend Women's Sports -- Really

As you probably know, and your eyes are probably still trying to recover from rolling so many times, Sports Illustrated's Andy Benoit made headlines last week for his tweet about women's sports not being worth watching. He later deleted his posts, but not before sparking outrage across the Interwebs.

And if Benoit thought the controversy had died down, he would be wrong. On Wednesday's "Late Night with Seth Meyers" episode, Meyers reunited with his former "Saturday Night Live" co-star Amy Poehler for their classic "REALLY?" segment from "Weekend Update." Going after Benoit, the duo basically ripped his comments to shreds in the most hilarious way possible.

You really just need to press play.

You're right, Amy. I really would love to see Benoit say that to Serena Williams.

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