Elena Delle Donne Writes Moving Essay On Sister Lizzie For The Players' Tribune

Elena Delle Donne is having a monster season of epic proportions. However, the Chicago Sky star might not even consider "basketball player" her most important role.

Instead, it's clear she relishes the title of "sister" above just about everything else. Delle Donne has frequently talked about her older sister Lizzie before, but in a moving essay for The Players' Tribune, she explains just how much their relationship means to her.

Writing that her sister, who was born deaf and blind with cerebral palsy and autism, and with no ability to speak, has given her perspective on what hardship truly means and shown her just how important non-verbal communication can be, Delle Donne's unconditional love for her sister is apparent.

Saying "My home is with her" and concluding with, "She's never said a word to me, but Lizzie has taught me more than anyone in my life," there's virtually no chance this piece won't make you cry, but you really should read it right now and then hug your nearest sibling or close friend.

You're a true winner on- and off-the court, Elena.

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